PODCAST: China’s disjointed labor market, and Elon Musk’s red carpet China treatment

China’s labor market is churning out too many white collar wannabe college grads, but not enough people to fill its blue-collar labor positions. How can China keep more blue-collar workers and their employers in China? Or does China still need so many blue-collar workers? And Elon Musk get audiences with China’s foreign, commerce and industry ministers, as well as a vice premier, on a whirlwind trip to Beijing and Shanghai. What is it about this billionaire entrepreneur that wins him so many China fans? Why do Chinese people and even the government seem to love Elon Musk more than Tim Cook?

Is Elon Musk Actually Right About ESG?

While the “environment” element of ESG is relatively well defined, the “social” and “governance” pieces are far more subjective   By Edith Terry Mad genius Elon Musk may get more…