PODCAST: New US Tariffs, and China Becomes a Homebuyer

The U.S. raises tariffs on Chinese EVs to 100% from 25%. Will China retaliate? And China announces plans to buy up homes to boost its sagging property market. But will local governments go along with the pricey plan?

PODCAST: Ping An Trust Misses a Payment, and SAIC Sells Down Its India Venture

Ping An Trust has missed a $100 million payment on a wealth management product tied to Zhenro, a property developer. Does this show the woes afflicting China's trust industry are creeping up the food chain to top-tier names like Ping An? And leading automaker SAIC has sold 51% of its India venture to local partners for $624 million. Is this purely a commercial move, or is it also motivated by concerns about recent China-India tensions?