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PODCAST: New US Tariffs, and China Becomes a Homebuyer

The U.S. raises tariffs on Chinese EVs to 100% from 25%. Will China retaliate? And China announces plans to buy up homes to boost its sagging property market. But will local governments go along with the pricey plan?


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PODCAST: A New EU Probe, and a Used Car IPO

The EU has launched a new probe after European firms complained of restricted access to China's huge medical equipment procurement market. Is the EU getting more aggressive on China's trade practices? And used car specialist Autostreets applies for a Hong Kong listing, touting a coming boom in Chinese used car sales. Why have Chinese traditionally preferred new cars, and what's changed now, if anything?
Bayzed Health Group Inc. seeks Hong Kong listing

Bayzed joins IPO quest as medical rivalry heats up

The cancer treatment specialist is seeking a Hong Kong listing to fund its campaign in the M&A battle for China’s private healthcare market   Key Takeaways: Over the past three years, Bayzed…


Canaan revenue falls in first quarter

Canaan gets left behind in latest crypto bull run

The maker of crypto currency mining machines reported its revenue dropped in the first quarter despite a big bitcoin rally Key Takeaways: Canaan’s revenue fell 36% year-on-year in the first…

PODCAST: Construction Material Woes, and a New Bull Market

Much has been said about China's suffering property developers, but construction material makers are also in trouble. Will the government come to their rescue? And offshore China stocks enter bull territory with a 25% rally for the Hang Seng Index. What's driving this sudden surge, and will it last?



Next stop for Geely-backed CaoCao: a Hong Kong IPO

Next stop for Geely-backed CaoCao: a Hong Kong IPO

The ride-sharing company has built partnerships with third-party platforms to mount a concerted challenge to the market leader, but the strategy carries risks   Key Takeaways: CaoCao Inc.’s revenues have grown…