PODCAST: A Microchip Mega-Fund, and an Accounting Crisis

China has set up a $50 billion fund to support its microchip sector. Will the big bucks be enough to overcome U.S. sanctions? And a growing number of Chinese companies dump PwC as their auditor. Is the flight related to PwC's role as auditor for insolvent developer Evergrande?

PODCAST: Endangered Cash Payments, and a TikTok Bid

KFC and others are fined after some of their outlets refuse to take cash. Is cash becoming an endangered species in China? And a group led by former L.A. Dodgers owner Frank McCourt assembles a bid for TikTok's U.S. operations. Will TikTok change its mind and decide to sell?

PODCAST: New US Tariffs, and China Becomes a Homebuyer

The U.S. raises tariffs on Chinese EVs to 100% from 25%. Will China retaliate? And China announces plans to buy up homes to boost its sagging property market. But will local governments go along with the pricey plan?

PODCAST: A New EU Probe, and a Used Car IPO

The EU has launched a new probe after European firms complained of restricted access to China's huge medical equipment procurement market. Is the EU getting more aggressive on China's trade practices? And used car specialist Autostreets applies for a Hong Kong listing, touting a coming boom in Chinese used car sales. Why have Chinese traditionally preferred new cars, and what's changed now, if anything?

PODCAST: Construction Material Woes, and a New Bull Market

Much has been said about China's suffering property developers, but construction material makers are also in trouble. Will the government come to their rescue? And offshore China stocks enter bull territory with a 25% rally for the Hang Seng Index. What's driving this sudden surge, and will it last?

PODCAST: Ping An Trust Misses a Payment, and SAIC Sells Down Its India Venture

Ping An Trust has missed a $100 million payment on a wealth management product tied to Zhenro, a property developer. Does this show the woes afflicting China's trust industry are creeping up the food chain to top-tier names like Ping An? And leading automaker SAIC has sold 51% of its India venture to local partners for $624 million. Is this purely a commercial move, or is it also motivated by concerns about recent China-India tensions?

PODCAST: A Fitch Downgrade, and New Steps to Bring Back Global Tourists

Fitch has lowered its outlook on China's sovereign rating to "negative," citing economic uncertainty. What does this mean for investors, and what's the likelihood of an actual ratings downgrade? And China has ordered all hotels rated three stars or higher to accept foreign credit cards. Will this help to bring back foreign travelers after three years of Covid isolation?

PODCAST: Relaxing Data Requirements, and a Big Dividend

China exempts most foreign firms from worrisome data requirements. But will it change its mind later? And a leading fintech lender offers a massive dividend. But shareholders worry more about its rapidly shrinking size.

PODCAST: A China Bull Market, and Bottled Water Under Fire

After two years of suffering, Chinese stocks are showing some new signs of life. But is this fledgling bull market for real? And China's leading bottled water brand, Nongfu, has come under attack from nationalists for its red bottle caps said to look like the Japanese flag. How big a risk are such attacks, and is the problem worsening?